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Designed predominantly for the Irish tourist sector, IrishCoin launched Saturday May 17th 2014. Irish tourism is worth over $3Bn per year to the Irish economy and IrishCoin intends to utilize the promotional aspects of tourism, providing the coin as a discount token vehicle, a tourist organizational branding opportunity, and for the promotion of the Irish tourism industry among the Irish diaspora in the US, Ireland, and globally.

IrishCoin is featured in The Wall Street Journal, Read More:

IrishCoin Press Image Pack available on our News Page
Interview with the Irish Examiner.
Listen to the Small Business Show featured in the Irish Examiner on June 13th discussing IrishCoin's features and future direction. Listen to podcast here. Keep an eye on our Twitter tweets also for updates.
More about what IrishCoin is about..
We're not another BitCoin alternative. Our expert development team have been with us from the beginning, and there are exciting features soon to come with IrishCoin. Read more about the features of IrishCoin here.
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IrishCoin updates
IrishCoin has reached 40M coins in existence. Thanks to all contributors. Please follow our Twitter account for the latest.
LiveIreland Get IrishCoins! members worldwide are eligible to receive IrishCoin. With its 12,000 members worldwide, this extensively broadens the uptake of IrishCoin. Sign-up at
Our Genesis Block Motto
"Ni neart go cur le ceile". IrishCoin's motto, There is no strength without unity forever coded into our own genesis block code. IrishCoin owns its own code, providing you safety in its future use.
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