November update.

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The crypto scene has been going through one of many corrections in the past few weeks and for those of us who have been involved since the early days, this correction is one of many to come.  Regardless, the use and potential use of crypto now and in the future will drive prices and development to new levels not just on price, but in parts of our lives we could never imagine. IrishCoin was conceived as a go-to token for the Irish tourism industry and although we had some successful pilot programs and now some real-time adoption, crypto use to the general public is a harder nut to crack. The IrishCoin community consisting of miners, buyers, sellers (yes we need them too :D) and developers have kept the idea of an Irish crypto token alive since 2014. With an Irish diaspora worldwide of over 80 million, IRL has some tremendous potential going forward. The fact IrishCoin has survived through thick and thin since it’s 2014 inception is a legacy which drives both speculators and enthusiasts alike. As we go through this current correction there is now more potential for adoption on multiplatform mobile wallets like coinomi etc as the cost of entry will have significantly dropped. This is now our current plan. QT updates will follow also.

On another note: Our advert campaign on Irish radio stations (link here) is reaching in excess of 24,000 listeners per day. The Irish community at home and abroad hears our advert in Irish shops, pubs, and restaurants across the globe.

Ni neart go cur le cheile

IRL crew.

IrishCoin Internet Radio Advert Campaign begins again.

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We’ve always found internet radio advertising to be a great way to promote IRL to people who are not too informed on the crypto scene. Irish media like liveIreland, IrishAmericanNews, and IrishPub Radio fit the bill when it comes to promoting Irishcoin to the Irish diaspora at home and abroad.  From this weekend our partners at liveIreland Radio starts our pre-Christmas campaign followed by IMR radio and some Irish blog promotions as well. (more on this later) Along with our cointopay POS rollout, we hope to inform Irish audiences of the potential discounts and purchases available from IRL outlets.

IrishCoin POS and merchant listing page.

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IRL coin-to-pay tests currently running at Darcy McGee’s Bar in south Dublin. More updates as we get them on LI radio this Sunday 7:30PM Irish time.

We’re in the process of setting up a dedicated listing page for all merchants of IRL.  We will be also shipping out our new android based mobile point of sale tablet to interested Irish Gifts and Crafts outlets in the next two weeks. The IRL POS tablets work on the new CoinToPay wallet and are pre-loaded with IRL to help merchants get to know how the system operates. IRL POS can be used directly for purchases or discount and promotion opportunities.  If your store or retail outlet is interested in piloting IrishCoin POS contact us here 

IrishCoin Deposits are open on NovaExchange.

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After a full 12 months, IrishCoin’s second exchange Nova exchange has finally opened deposits for IRL. Swedish based NovaExchange changed ownership in January and the new owners have given priority to assets who have been proven over time to be stable.  This gives traders and users alike more assurance for the future viability of IRL. More from NovaExchange here: IrishCoin trading pairs here:

IrishCoin now tradable on OpenBazaar

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IrishCoin is now available on Openbazaar Decentralized Platform With No KYC or Fees!

OpenBazaar has recently opened its fully tradable cryptocurrency platform where traders can buy or sell crypto with their own set margins with no KYC.

There are no fees to pay and no accounts to sign up for. It’s a direct swap of cryptocurrencies between you and the other party, and if you choose a moderated payment then there’s a third party available in case of dispute.

The crypto community on most social channels seemed to like the latest Openbazaar. If you want to buy or sell coins without fees or without signing up for an account, give OpenBazaar a try.

IrishCoin news round up.

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IrishCoin has traded over €2 million since January and €50 thousand euro over the weekend. This week IRL reached a high of US $00.02. That’s on one exchange! Not bad for a small market cap coin. As result of this increase in trading activity, IRL is now more dispersed amongst the global trading community than at any time in its 4-year history.  A recent increase in mining activity has inched IRL nearer to the 40,000,000 coins in existence.

Irish Cryptocurrency giveaway for St Patricks Day

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IrishCoin and the all-new CryptoCafe on Aungier Street in Dublin will be giving away €5 worth of IrishCoin (IRL) to the first 20 customers for every purchase of coffee in store. Just call in and ask for your IRL on the day! Slainte!
Nash Basel proprieter of the CryptoCafe in Dublin


The IrishCoin team will be rolling out it’s updated digital wallets in April so you can buy Coffee in IRL at the CryptoCafe and other outlets in Dublin.
CryptoCafe was opened in Dublin by Crypto investor and enthusiast Nash Basel as a new way of selling coffee via digital currencies.  The concept has taken off especially from a marketing perspective and the store emulates this with screens showing the latest crypto prices via coinmarketcap. The gourmet coffee and in-house bakes are exceptionally and good and seem to be giving Starbucks across the road a run for their money, or crypto as the case may be.
IrishCoin a well-established cryptocurrency since 2014 has been trading on the crest of the recent crypto boom and subsequent correction for over 4 years. As recently as 14 January 2018, the coin’s value grew by over 3,000% in an overnight trading with 2 million dollars worth of coins traded in 24 hours.  Its popularity has partly come from the exponential demand for cryptocurrencies and partly from its solid foundation when compared to most other coins that are just out to make money for their developers. This is also expected to boost the coin’s reception in the Irish tourism industry especially considering that it is offering incentives such as discounts for users. For more information visit the IrishCoin website (Update coming on the 17th) twitter:
CryptoCafe is located on Dublin’s Aungier Street straight across from the historical Whitefriars St Church.