IrishCoin news round up.

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IrishCoin has traded over €2 million since January and €50 thousand euro over the weekend. This week IRL reached a high of US $00.02. That’s on one exchange! Not bad for a small market cap coin. As result of this increase in trading activity, IRL is now more dispersed amongst the global trading community than at any time in its 4-year history.  A recent increase in mining activity has inched IRL nearer to the 40,000,000 coins in existence.

Irish Cryptocurrency giveaway for St Patricks Day

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IrishCoin and the all-new CryptoCafe on Aungier Street in Dublin will be giving away €5 worth of IrishCoin (IRL) to the first 20 customers for every purchase of coffee in store. Just call in and ask for your IRL on the day! Slainte!
Nash Basel proprieter of the CryptoCafe in Dublin


The IrishCoin team will be rolling out it’s updated digital wallets in April so you can buy Coffee in IRL at the CryptoCafe and other outlets in Dublin.
CryptoCafe was opened in Dublin by Crypto investor and enthusiast Nash Basel as a new way of selling coffee via digital currencies.  The concept has taken off especially from a marketing perspective and the store emulates this with screens showing the latest crypto prices via coinmarketcap. The gourmet coffee and in-house bakes are exceptionally and good and seem to be giving Starbucks across the road a run for their money, or crypto as the case may be.
IrishCoin a well-established cryptocurrency since 2014 has been trading on the crest of the recent crypto boom and subsequent correction for over 4 years. As recently as 14 January 2018, the coin’s value grew by over 3,000% in an overnight trading with 2 million dollars worth of coins traded in 24 hours.  Its popularity has partly come from the exponential demand for cryptocurrencies and partly from its solid foundation when compared to most other coins that are just out to make money for their developers. This is also expected to boost the coin’s reception in the Irish tourism industry especially considering that it is offering incentives such as discounts for users. For more information visit the IrishCoin website (Update coming on the 17th) twitter:
CryptoCafe is located on Dublin’s Aungier Street straight across from the historical Whitefriars St Church.

IrishCoin Adverts to feature on 3 top Irish Radio Stations in Run up to St Patricks day.

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IrishCoin Adverts to feature on 3 top Irish Radio Stations in Run up to St Patrick’s day.

IrishCoin advert rolls out across 3 online radio stations in Ireland in the run up to St Patricks Day including Ireland’s No1 leading Radio station liveIRELAND Radio one playing to over 50,000 Irish individual music listeners worldwide every day.

liveIreland Radio1:


IRL Advert:

IrishCoin advert rolls out across 3 online radio stations in Ireland in the run up to St Patricks Day including Ireland's No1 leading Radio station liveIRELAND Radio one playing to over 50,000 Irish individual music listeners worldwide every day. liveIreland Radio1: IrishCoin: IRL Advert:

IRL News round up

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Despite the huge sell-off in crypto this week, IRL comfortably held its recent 300% price gain on its 12 month moving average finding a floor at $0.03 Mining rates were well up on previous months across 3 mining pools.

Nova exchange has announced a new investor so as with other Cryptos listed on the exchange, we expect IRL deposits to reopen again very soon so we’ll be up and trading on our second exchange!

We are currently working on a third exchange listing along with web updates.

Our telegram channel is now open to the public where you can live chat with other IrishCoiners:

Our friends at cryptoADHD have launched a new IRL block explorer:

Irish News Outlet “The Journal” reports on IrishCoin

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IrishCoin has been gong through some rehash after being in the doldrums for a while. The new interest in cryptos from the general public has now given alt cryptos like IrishCoin new imputus for growth and interest. One of Ireland’s leading news outlets put a piece out today about BTC, ETC and of course IRL:

IrishCoin radio ad reaches 10,000 plays on soundcloud.

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Thanks to the folks at Studio2 in Dublin, IrishCoin’s Radio ad has reached a massive 10,000 plays on soundcloud alone. Radio advertising has been essential in getting IRL out there to the Irish community abroad. Bitcoin and alt crypto currencies are an anomaly to the lay person, we at IrishCoin knew we would have major hurdles in getting the concept across to a wider global audience as well as at home. Between print, digital and radio media we estimate IRL has been exposed to over one million people world wide. This should translate into real usage in time as we roll out on-line and bricks & mortar discount opportunities. As we mark one year from inception on May 17th our objective is to work over the summer months with our new IRL terminal partners (yes tons of trail and errors) to bring real world transactions to the tourist market.

Exclusive offer for LiveIreland members Only! Get Free IrishCoin the new Irish Bitcoin.

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Have you heard of BitCoin? Well now there’s IrishCoin. A new peer to peer digital currency for the Irish community abroad and at home… IrishCoin will get you discounts with online Irish Gift Stores, Irish Pubs, Clubs, shops and Restaurants in Ireland and at Irish businesses near you. To download your digital wallet just follow the instructions below.

If you need help installing below go to our IrishCoin page: here
1. Download the wallet below
Download Windows Client WINDOWS (Some anti virus software may prompt to keep or discard. Ensure your program allows or create an exclusion for this file.)
Download Ubuntu Client Ubuntu Linux. Once downloaded, right-click, Properties, Permissions, Allow executing file as a program.
Download Mac OS Client APPLE MAC
2. Install the software and run it. It will look like the images below.
3. Open the wallet icon or run the software. It will show a few hours behind as it connects to the network.
4. A green arrow at the bottom will show up when its connected
5. Press the Receive button at the top
6. Click on the code under “address” either right click to copy it or click the “copy address” button at the bottom.
7. IrishCoin facebook members: Just send you facebook name and email address to the form below.
LiveIreland members: Send us the code with your liveIreland name and email address using the form below and we’ll send you Free IrishCoins. 

This offer is exclusive to liveIreland members only!!
For more information go to

IrishCoin POS for retail and business

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IrishCoin Point of Sale consoles are to be rolled out from next month amongst approved tourist based retailers in Dublin.. Over 20 million IrishCoins are now in circulation. To avail of this discount token opportunity for your business and drive IrishCoin traffic to your outlet, fill in the application form below and you could be in with a chance to win a free IrishCoin console ready to go! <apply here>

Note: IrishCoin is a 100% totally free service to use at your discretion.
For more information on how IrishCoin can help your business please visit